Guaranteed waterproof with Carrodrain Kerlox

Waterproof with Kerlox

Top quality and elegance. That is what Carrodrain stands for. And that’s why we developed the Carrodrain Kerlox, a flexible waterproof membrane for walls and floors in bathrooms. This is how we guarantee that your bathroom is not just stylish, but perfectly waterproof as well. Moisture problems won’t have chance thanks to Kerlox water proofing. You can relax and completely enjoy a refreshing shower in summer or a heavenly warm shower in winter.


Why does it work?

The Kerlox is produced based on the high-grade plastic Thermoplastic Polyolefin EVAC.  This basic material is especially durable, thermally stable and it is considerably more elastic than polyethylene (PE), which is often used in lower quality waterproofing screens. Kerlox screens are also reinforced on both sides with a layer of non-woven polypropylene (PP) fibres.  This provides for a perfect adhesion to any type of tile adhesive. Important detail: Polyolefin EVAC is 100% recyclable and therefore much more environmentally friendly than other plastics!


A free luxury hand towel for you!

When you purchase a Kerlox package you will also receive a free hand towel, bath towel or beach towel. Supply is limited, so place your order today!


Participating distributors

Alsan – Desco – Dupont – Facq – Schrauwen – Sterck – Vertommen